Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Photo Journey

My third post today... I hope I don't lose you here. I've posted a lot of pictures, but trust me, I've pared it down! I've got 20 shots here, but I could have posted all 148! Yikes! Click on any of the pictures for a larger view.
Day 1: Hike to Taylor Meadows and set up camp
And we're off! I'm a wee tad excited, can you tell? ;)
Shaun and Sarah ask, "You're taking pictures ALREADY?!?!The trail wound steadily upwards - thankfully we were in the trees, cause it was HOT!
A nice place to rest and fill our water bottles
Arriving in Taylor Meadows. Tomorrow's destination looms above us.
Yippee! We're finally at our campsite! I do the happy dance.

After dinner Sarah and I did a mini hike down to Garibaldi Lake. The evening sun was casting a golden light on everything... That combined with the turquoise water was spectacular!
Day 2: To the Tusk

Whiskey Jacks are fearless little birds. They'll land right on your hand and take whatever snack you choose to give them.

It's an easy walk to Black Tusk Meadows, but then the real climbing begins!

The meadows were full of wildflowers and mountain streams.

Looking down on Garibaldi Lake and the meadows. (That blue is the lake, not the sky!)
Getting closer! You may have to enlarge the picture (click on it), but do you see the white dot on the left hand side of the tusk, near the top? That's someone climbing the chimney to the top.
Above the tree line, the path was nothing but rock. You know how hard it is to walk in sand? Well do that, but uphill. Oof! Coming down, though, was great fun! I part ran, part skied down the rock. Wheee!
A view from the top. Speechless.
This is the first part of the path to the chmney (which we didn't climb). It was crazy. Steep steep rocky slope on one side, and straight down farther than you could see into volcanic rocky blackness on the other. Can you see that white dot at the end of the ridge? That's Sarah, just to give you some perspective. I only went part way to the chimney, cause after the point I'm at in the above picture, the 'trail' ended and you had to pick your way accross the extremely steep slope where nearly no step was solid. Every step I took sent chunks of rock tumbling down the mountain below me. Even rock that looked solid sometimes broke off or came loose under my feet. Call me a wimp, but I decided to turn back!

I'm on top of the world!!!

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FreeThinker said...

"I'm on top of the world!!!"

... looking down on creation ...

Now I've got that cheesy Carpenters song in my head and I can't shake it loose!

Anyway, nice photos! Nature rules!

Jason said...

I miss my old backpacking/hiking days. You just reminded me that I may need to get out a little more. :) I guess it becomes a little more difficult when your married, have a baby, and work several jobs. Thanks for the great photos.

Joey said...

WOW...Those pics are awesome. I do some hiking but never anything like that. Very awesome pics of all that God has created for us to enjoy

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh these pictures look *awesome*. I guess I wasn't reading your blog back then because I totally would have remembered these.