Thursday, September 01, 2005

My Wishlist

I feel kinda weird putting this up... but it's probably an easy way for the fam to see my wishlist (and for me not to forget what I'm wishing for! ;) my birthday is a-comin' (February 2)! I don't expect ALL this stuff, of course, it's just a suggestion list!

  1. 'Tarn 3' tent (from MEC, new or used)
  2. Camp Stove (for backpacking) and dishes
  3. Hiking Pack (I will have to shop with you for that one!)
  4. Gift certificate to Mountian Equipment Co-op or anything from my wishlist there
  5. New bedding
  6. Gift certificate to IKEA
  7. A haircut! :P (gift certificate to Hype?)
  8. Gift certificate to House of James
  9. Gift certificate to Jacob Connection

CD Wish list

  1. Paul Brandt: This Time Around (Country)
  2. Keith Urban: Be Here (Country)
  3. Carolyn Dawn Johnson: Dress Rehearsal (Country)
  4. Casting Crowns: Lifesongs (Christian)
  5. Laurell Hubick: The Fool in Me (Christian?)
  6. Garden State (Soundtrack)

1 comment:

Suzette said...

Hilary, you are the most random, funny, sarcastic, caring, entertaining person with a blog site I know!!!!! Wish I could hang out in person again and experience all your "happenings" alongside you!!!! (Who knows where we might find money next time!!!!)