Thursday, August 11, 2005

Having fun and feeling the consequences!

I'm not very popular with my body right now. I think it thinks it hates me for making it work so hard. Doesn't it know it's all for it's own good? Sheesh.

Monday it was a really good hike in bad shoes (silly me, yes I know) that left me hobbling for two days. My friend Rebecca and I hiked Diez Vistas (Ten Views), a trail that follows the ridge between Buntzen Lake and Indiam Arm. There are viewpoints all along the way of Indian Arm. They're numbered. We had fun posing at all the different signs telling us what viewpoints we were at.

That's Raccoon Island to the right, and Deep Cove in behind it. Off in the distance and to the right is Vancouver and beyond that, Georgia Straight and Vancouver Island.

Veeesta numero 2

Veeesta numero 5.

Wednesday, it was a 6 hour kayaking trip to Silver Falls up Indian Arm that left me with arms so sore I couldn't move. Seriously. It was a baaad scene. Who kayaks for six hours without doing dome kind of training first? Apparently me. D'oy. BUT the trip itself was beautiful! We spotted some of the viewpoints from our hike on Monday (we were hiking pretty close to the top of the ridge in the first picture). We saw a bunch of seals and tons of jellyfish, and on the way back, the biggest bald eagle I have EVER seen swooped down and grabbed a fish no more than 15 feet in front of Rebecca. It was AMAZING. I've never seen an eagle that close before. His wingspan was longer than our paddles! It kind of freaked us out a bit, cause we didn't see him till he was right there. Wow. What a majestic creature.

Rebecca's pointing to where we were hiking. She really had great paddling technique... it's just not pictured here ;)

Coming up to the old powerstation (off in the distance)

At the base of Silver Falls. Had it been warmer out, we would have pulled up and swam in the pool under the waterfall. The falls went so much farther up that this picture shows.

The water was like glass for most of the way there. On the way home, we were paddling into the wind. Oof!

My feet are better, and I can once again move my arms. Mostly. So Saturday I leave for a 3 day hiking trip to black tusk. I'm gonna be hurting for the next week, but boy am I thankful for the opportunity to do all this stuff! I love where I live!!!

This is the tusk from Taylor Meadows, close to Garibaldi Lake. I did the hike to the lake a few weeks ago. We're gonna hike to the lake on Saturday, then climb up to the tusk on Sunday. I don't know if I'll have the guts (or the stupidity!) to climb the chimney, but we'll see. Click here for a pic of some brave souls climbing the chimney to see what I'm talking about. (Chimney picture courtesy of Dave's Blog)

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Clint said...

looks like a lot of fun...hard work but the views seem to be very's beautiful up there...good pictures.