Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What am I, chopped liver???

Every week my kids go to the library while I have my prep. The librarian has a great little transition activity for them when they get there - she's got puzzles, paper, and colouring supplies out for them and gives them some time to come in and get settled before she begins her lesson.

And every week, without fail, my kids make cards. They REALLY like making cards. Finished their work early? They make cards. Centres time? They make cards. Library time? They make cards. Sometimes the cards are for other students in the class (those ones are always birthday cards - whether or not it's actually that student's birthday or not!), but more often than not, they are really cute little cards expressing love from a student to their teacher. "I love you!" "You're the best teacher!" "You're so nice." "Thank you!"

I know! Melt-your-heart-sweet, hey?

Except there's only one thing. The cards are always for LAST YEAR'S TEACHER!!!

"Look Miss Hillary, we made a card for Miss L!"

Ooooh, well isn't THAT nice? What about ME? Don't you love ME TOO? WHY WON'T YOU MAKE CARDS FOR MEEEEEEE?????? WAAAAHHHH! You don't looooove me!

Just you wait till I leave for Africa! Then all their cards will be for ME!


* Just for anyone without a sense of humour out there, I'm KIDDING! I'm LAUGHING. I think it's CUTE. I *don't* actually depend on the approval of seven and eight year olds for my self worth.


Katrina said...

Hahaha! I get that, too, especially since a lot of my kids were in the K4 classroom last year with the teacher next door to me. They make tons of pictures for her and have all these great stories about being in her class. It IS adorable, and I can't wait till it's my!

Hillary said...

Katrina - my partner in chopped-liver-dom! ;)

The funniest thing is that this teacher is no longer at the school. I told them that yeasterday and they were like, "Oh, it's ok, we give them to Miss C and she gives them to Miss L."

Which is an absolute impossibility and Miss C must have a recycling bin STUFFED with these little expressions of love. It just strikes me as hilarious!

Ah, the things we keep from kids so they can continue on in blissful, kind-hearted ignorance! :)

Abbey said...

My favorite part of the post was the disclaimer at the bottom.


PS Why is it that kids just LOOOVE the teachers from LAST YEAR? It's always that way. Next year's teacher will be saying, "What's that Miss Hillary got that I don't got??" Well, I hope she says it better than that considering she's a teacher and that was VERY bad grammar! ;)