Sunday, November 02, 2008

Mark your calendars!

Ok, ok, so I don't actually know the date yet. Is it selfish to ask people to hold TWO Saturday nights open for a coffee house/fundraiser/Africa night? Ha! Maybe. But, um, it's November 29 or December 6. So if you're anywhere close to Vancouver, you're invited! (You're invited even if you're NOT close to Vancouver, but, well, airfare is pretty pricey these days... ;) )

So I emailed the lady at my church who is in charge of room bookings on Monday to see if she had November 29th (my preferred date) free. She emailed back to say that she was really busy planning our church's Halloween carnival and that she'd get back to me early next week.

AK! But there are "save the date" emails to send out and caterers to book and musicians to invite and planning to do and I really really really need to get moving on this! So I called her and told her of the situation, and she was TOTALLY my HERO, pushed the application through even though she was CRAZY busy, and told me that the room was available on the 29th, and we'd work out the details next week.

And so I sent out the emails asking people to save the date. Perhaps you got one (if not, and you want to come, let me know!). And I also emailed some people I know who are musically inclined and who I'd talked to previously about playing.

And then disaster struck! Three of the four or five "main acts" I was hoping to come play are out of town that weekend! GAAAAAK!

Horrified, cause the facilities manager had done me SUCH a huge favour, I had to email her back and ask.... "Errrr... so, actually how 'bout Dec 6?" And she has to go through the whole process again. Eeeeeek!

AND I get to re-harass nearly two hundred people with an "Actually, ignore that date and save THIS one" email, if indeed the December 6th date is still available. Either that or have a coffee house with very little music. Ummm, yay?

Oh yes. Professional event planner I am not. But I figure it's good to have the wrinkles at the beginning, cause it means the rest will go off without a hitch.

... Right?