Monday, November 10, 2008

The do's and don'ts (but mostly don'ts!) of prayer cards

HA! AIM has a little tutorial for making up prayer cards. The tips are good, but the (fictional) examples of all the things NOT to do are better. Much, much better.

*UPDATE* This is probably the 6th time I've sat here staring at these prayer cards. The seconds one gets me EVERY. TIME. I'm laughing hysterically out loud here all by myself. I can't help it! "Committed to celibacy in Kenya with Africa Inland Mission. - She really needs your prayers!" Tears! There are tears of laughter flowing! (And the first "do" tip above the card is "Smile! You're going to Africa! That's a GOOD thing!" Somebody really needs to tell Miss Korbel!)

aaaah hahahahaha!


Jean said...


sarah cool said...

Hahahahaha!! I'd like a hot macho bush pilot missionary man!

anne said...

What a riot!!