Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ok, so it's not on MOST maps

Yeah, yeah, I know. Korr has to be on SOME maps. A blog reader known to me only as "naclydogg" found it (though I think he had to work pretty hard at it!). He was clearly more dedicated than I in the search! BUT, my original shot in the dark google maps pin point was pretty darn close. On the Google map below, the blue one was the original, the red one is the updated one. Booyeah! hehehe

So all you map heads... enjoy! :) Click on either image to enlarge. Thanks, naclydogg!

Korr is outside of the central area on this one, right near the green word "Marsabit"

And here's good ol' Google Maps

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Mary Rickson said...

Hey Hillary - Just another thought. There's may not be much in the way of washer / dryer machines - so you may want to stay away from cotton clothes that just keep stretching. By the time we got back from back packing about and drying our clothes with the power of sun my once 100% cotton tshirt was a long sleeve number possibly even a lovely little sun dress.