Thursday, November 13, 2008

Phew! What a day!

Ok, so yes. I could say that at the end of every day (and more often than not, I do). These kids kill me. It never ceases to amaze me how one day can run the gammut of awesome to tear my hair out to that calm slow speaking tone that they all know means I am about to LOSE IT to pride in my kidlets to furious to fun and carefree. And that's all before the recess bell!

As challenging as it is working at this school, I have got some NEAT kids. I keep saying it to other teachers and - most importantly - to the KIDS: I really like these little guys and gals. They are teaching me SO much about how to be a better teacher (in part because you HAVE to learn or you DIE, but hey...) and even about myself. They are stretching me thinner than I ever thought I could be stretched, but I'm getting creative, building positive relationships with these kids, making all kinds of blunders along the way, and learning lots from my fabulous support worker.

But it's these kids that get me every time. Those little moments when I can get a little talk in with one of them, show them something they didn't know before, see their face light up when I tell them what a great job they're doing... They crave this love, this attention SO much. They need it. Many of them get so little of it among homes where parents are stretched thin and everybody is just doing what they need to do to make it through another day. My heart breaks for some of these little ones.

My lovelies, do you know that I go home and weep for you? You are precious. You are loved. You are a source of so much joy for your creator - who I hope one day you'll know. You are important. You matter. You say you can't, but I know you can - you are able. You are special. You are unique - made to be like no-one but you. You are creative. You are kind-hearted. You have eyes and smiles that light up the room. You are funny. You are smart. You are doing your very best.

You are precious. You are loved.

I'll say it again, because you need to hear it: You are precious. You are loved. And I am so lucky to be your teacher.


sarah cool said...

1. I love you.

2. Canada was on The Office tonight. :)

Katrina said...

You are in the place God put you, doing the work He gave you. I am inspired by you, on good and bad days alike! You are exactly the kind of compassionate, loving teacher that changes lives with His love. They will always remember you!

AfricaBleu said...

I hope you recognize that all you said towards your kids holds equally true for you--special, kind-hearted, sweet eyes and smile, smart, doing-her-best, precious, loved girl that you are.

What lucky, lucky kids they are to have you in their lives.

And Sarah Cool--LOVED The Office in Canada episode--esp. when Michael was "how you say" talking to the Canadian concierge "how you say" like she couldn't understand English. What a dodo.