Monday, September 01, 2008

Africa Timeline

11 - Dropped off application for leave of absence
17 - Received letter granting my leave of absence
17 - Filled in preliminary online request for information with Africa Inland Mission (AIM)
18 - Received email back from AIM putting me in contact with the BC contact person
19 - Spoke with BC contact person and was sent a preliminary "Getting to Know You" form
21 - Sent back "Getting to Know You" form
25 - Received official application and reference forms via email
26 - All three references have already filled in and emailed off their forms (!!!)
29 - Got a call from the BC contact telling me all three references were in, and was the application on it's way
29 - Got tentative placement (before he even had my application!) working with kids in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya
29 - Requested a more rural placement if possible (more what I had in mind)
30 - Mailed off application form

4 - Got call from Jim - he has a few teaching opportunities in northern Kenya, very rural areas, could I stay for seven months instead of six? (Yes!)
4 - Set up interview for Tuesday October 7
7 - Had my interview with Jim and Elaine. Had a great chat, learned more about serving in Kenya, and got to share a little of my thoughts and excitement about this trip
11 - One month since this whole crazy thing started!
11 - Wrote my initial support letter and compiled a (very long!) address list
11 - Contacted my church's missions committee to request their support
11 - Contacted the AIM missionaries in the town I may be living in to say hello and to ask permission to use some of their photos in my support letter (go blogs!)
11 - Began initial stages of planning a large fundraiser event for the end of November
11-17 - Wrote individual emails to 170 people, sending them an update and my support letter. 30 more to go!
14 - Got my password to AIM's Outbound program with info and checklist of things to do for short term missionaries.
22 - RECEIVED OFFICIAL LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! (still waiting on official placement)
28 - Booked date for fundraiser
28 - Went for physical and lab work to send away for medical clearance
29 - Realized I had to change date for fundraiser
29 - Got package of books to read before I head to Toronto for orientation

And that's where I'm at so far... still waiting on an assignment, still waiting to plan the fundraiser, still waiting to send out the next letter. Patience, patience... ARG! :)

Check back to see how things continue to progress!

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