Friday, September 26, 2008

Notice anything different??? *UPDATED*

Click the pic to make it bigger and tell me what you see... (besides pure and total awesomeness!!!)


AND! Whaaaat? It even updates the language used to email notifications to my inbox! LOVIN' IT! (of course, I'm at work o nlunch, and facebook is blocked, so I can't see what seeeeexxxyyyyy picture she's talking about! I think I'm scared! (And if you're a FB friend and get to it first, don't tell me... I don't think I want to know! ha!)

To pirate-ify your Facebook, do a search for "Translations," add the application, then choose "English (Pirate)" from the drop down menu (it's quite a ways down).

Arrrrr, me mateys!

Yeah. That's all I got. It's friday. I'm pooped.


Jean said...

how did you change the wording? How fun!!

sarah cool said...

oh dear.


Eric said...

I see you have a lot of messages in your inbox:-)

Another cool feature to add to Facebook is the auto-colorizer

Katrina said...

I've always thought Facebook was lacking a certain...pirate-y-ness. Arrrsome!