Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday morning tidbits

  • I love the comic strip For Better or For Worse. I read it daily for years, and have picked it up again over the last year or so. I've watched these people ahem, characters grow and change over the years and followed their lives storylines. Today's strip was the last one, and I totally sat at my computer and cried over it. Over a COMIC STRIP. I'm such a dweeb!

  • As I was doing the dishes, I had TLC's "Rock the Reception" on and watched two couples do a fabulously awesome choreographed dance to surprise all their guests at their respective weddings, and can I just say that I SO want to do something like that at my wedding. Should it ever happen. Bah!

  • I don't know why, cause things like this rearely bother me, but the lady on TV now keeps talking about all the "ashoshiashons" she's involved in. The blahbitty blah ashoshiashon and the blipitty bloo ashoshiashon and the ashoshiashon of bleppity blep. It's ASSOCIATION, lady! No "sh!" Noooooo SH! And she keeps saying it! And it's driving me nuts! (And I really need to get a life!)

  • Some friends and I are attempting to do a hike today I've been trying to do all summer. First I couldn't get anyone together. Then it was pouring rain (which isn't so bad, we went hiking anyway, but climbing steep exposed rock in the rain is not such a good plan!). Today is attempt number three. We have people. We have sun. Let's see what happens.

  • Happy Saturday!


niki said...

FBoFW is done? I loved that comic strip. I too, grew up reading it and mami used to cut them out and put them on the fridge.

Well, I don't think you're a dweeb-I think you're fantastic and I hope you get to hike today (you're not doing Grouse Grind, are you??).

Homsar said...

The Last Last comic was actually Sunday Aug 31st.

Karen said...

I loved fbofw too.... the last strip caught me off gurard -- I thought she was going to be part timing it a little longer. BOO!! :(