Sunday, September 21, 2008

This really isn't going so well...

Ah, dancing. I haven't been in nearly four months. Scandalous, I know! I had a pretty crappy and busy spring, and really couldn't muster up the umph to go, and then summer came, and I was busy (I really do need to finish my summer posts! Sheesh!) and wanted to be outside as much as possible, not in some hot room with sweaty people! And then time passes along, and the longer I go without going dancing, the harder it is to go back... all my friends have been getting better while I've been sliding backwards, I'm rusty, the nights I purposefully kept clear for dancing got full... excuses excuses excuses...

But I've been trying to get back for a few weeks now. The Sea To Sky dance convention is coming up, and I'm hoping to compete again. Not gonna happen if I haven't danced in months! Two Thursdays ago I was planning on going, but I was all cold-y and really didn't feel like going anywhere. Last Saturday I was supposed to go, but was just too tired and opted to stay in instead. I was thinking of going on Sunday, but not many of my friends were going, so I bailed on that, too. Thursday was supposed to be a sure thing, but I got snagged up in a meeting at church that ended way too late to have any kind of decent time for dancing.

I did, however, have my friend and unofficial dance partner Chris over for dinner on Wednesday to do some practicing in my kitchen. Fun, but it kinda doesn't count.

So tonight, when Chris texted me asking if I was going, and told me that even though he was tired from playing Ultimate today, he'd go if I was going, I decided to ditch my housecleaning plans and head downtown.


I grabbed my shoes and my water bottle, changed my clothes, and headed out. It felt so good to make the familiar trek from my free downtown parking spot (FREE!!!) to the studio, up those stairs, and into the studio. AH! So many people I haven't seen in SO long! I got lots of hellos and "Hey! You're back!"'s and I went over to put on my long-neglected dance shoes.

Except there was only one shoe in my bag.

What??? I looked around the studio. Nope, not there. I went back to my car in the pouring rain and rummaged around my trunk and the front seat where I had the shoes, fending off the homeless guy who is ALWAYS there in the back lane offering unwanted parking advice. (I really should learn his name. I see him EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I go down there.) But alas. No shoe. I couldn't even dance in the shoes I had on. Flip flops (yes, in the pouring rain. I'm in denial that fall is here!) don't bode so well for dancing. I couldn't even dance in socks, which is sometimes done, as I wasn't wearing any.


So I trudged back to the studio to say helloandgoodbye to all my dancing crew. I watched for a while, remembering everybody's own styles and watching people try out all the new moves they've learned while I've been away, then me and my one freakin' shoe went back home.

I was kind of concerned about where my other shoe got to, because I just went through my whole house getting stuff up to wash the carpets (that's a whole 'nother post!), and I didn't see it. Guess I was going to have to look again.

As I pulled up to my house and got out of the car, I saw it. My suede-bottomed dancing shoe, lying there on the side of the road, soaking wet from being out in the rain for over an hour.

But hey, at least I didn't see it till after I had RUN OVER IT WITH MY CAR.

*smacks forehead*

Ummm.... better luck next time?


sarah cool said...

Was your shoe ruined?!?

anne said...

Oh no! Man, you tell a good story... :)