Saturday, September 27, 2008

What was that about a road paved with good intentions?

Intentions: A day full of productivity! Get up and at 'em! Update the blog with more posts from the summer! Finish the Africa application! Do the laundry! Clean the kitchen! Put back all the stuff that's piled on my desk, table, couches, and bed from when I cleaned the carpets last weekend! Upload some outstanding picture sets from the summer! Go dancing!

Reality: Stay in PJs. Sit online and chat. Talk on the phone. Play with the devil cat. Eat chocolate chips.


Today was an unexpectedly blah day, and because of it I had no upmh to do anything. I'm supposed to go for dinner and out dancing, but I just want to cancel and stay in.

Must. Fight. Desire. To. Wallow.


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