Monday, September 08, 2008

Walk the Wall

I originally posted this back in July (so no, you're not going nuts, you HAVE seen this before!), but Walk the Wall is coming up THIS Saturday!!! I'm getting excited! I'm still looking for sponsors... are you interested? Read on to find out more! :)

photo courtesy of International China Concern
Niki asked in the comments yesterday why I reposted my "Shabby Green Door" post at this point in time. Well, I'm glad she asked! :) It's because International China Concern has been on my mind a lot lately since attending a benefit concert at my church a few months ago. It's because I have a few friends who have gone or are going to work at one of ICC's sites. It's because, even still, I just can't shake that feeling that I can't let children live without love, without humanity, withought hope, and do nothing about it. And it's because I now have a plan to do my tiny little part...

It's called Walk the Wall - an annual fundraiser where people all around the world team together to walk the distance of the Great Wall of China and raise money to help support ICC in bringing
love, hope, and opportunity to China's abandoned and disabled children. This year, the goal is to walk the wall twice - from one end to the other and back!

On September 13, 2008, I will be walking 10km with a team here in Vancouver. There are teams and individuals all over the world who will be doing the same. Watch the video below, visit the Walk the Wall page, and would you consider sponsoring me? My goal is to raise $200, and I need your help! Or even better, register to Walk the Wall yourself! I have a fundraising page with more details where you can donate online or sign up yourself. Check it out here!

Let's bust down that shabby green door!

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Allison Davies said...


Thanks for doing such a great job of promoting Walk the Wall. I work for ICC and WTW is much on my mind too. I hope lots of your friends sign up and that you have a great day together.

Allison Davies

RosieBoo said...

What an incredibly cool idea!