Friday, September 19, 2008


I had the kids getting their spelling dictionaries ready for use today. They had a notebook and were to write each letter of the alphabet on the top of each page for use throughout the year to write down our phonics words, spelling words, and theme words. Kind of a vocabulary bank and something that they can refer to throughout the year for spelling help. I'm in the process of putting up the word wall, and I've only gotten to posting the letters A-M.

Rachel* put up her hand and told me that she needed help. All she was doing was writing the letters of the alphabet on each page, and quite often she just wants the attention, so I told her that she could do it on her own. Well, it turns out that she was following the letters up on the wall, and had hit "M."

She really did need help. She didn't know what came next.

Oh these poor babies. We're going to need a lot more basic instruction than I first thought.

*Names are changed


Katrina said...

Oh, wow. What a challenge. I am praying for your precious little ones! I just know you are such a blessing to them.

anne said...

Makes you wonder what the parents have been up to.

Hillary said...

It does. But I constantly have to remind myself that it's not always intentional on the parent's part. Most parents really do do the best they can for their kids. Sometimes parents just have to work their tails off to support their families, and maybe kids are at daycare or left with non-English-speaking grandparents. Sometimes the parents don't have the skills, either. One little guy in my class can't read, but neither can his dad. I think this placement will be good for me in that it'll bust up my preconceived ideas and, well, judgments about these kids and their situations.

Not to lambaste you, Anne, that's totally not what I'm trying to do. I've just been thinking about that this week. I felt really convicted this week when I heard that this same girl's mom has got her enrolled in a few after school programs and is working really hard to get funding for something her daughter needs. I'm ashamed to admit that I had just jumped to conclusions about her, and he's really doing SO much for her daughter. There are SO many variables at play for these kids.

But on the flip side, yes. A lot of kids aren't read to or encouraged in other similar ways. And behaviours at times are plain and simple the result of a lack of boundaries or permissiveness. That much is for sure.

Kinda makes me terrified to have kids.

Aaaaand it looks like I've posted a whole second post in the comments. Tee hee.