Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bowing out for a bit

Well, it would seem I'm doing the cliche'd blogger thing and taking a break for a while. I don't know for how long (though really, let's be serious, it probably won't be very long. I have FAR to much to say to stay away!).

I have lots or marking to catch up on, all my Christmas shopping to do still (eep!) and some thoughts I need to sort out in my head, that I can't/won't hash out here. I'm ok, just need some time.

So for now, I'll leave you with a few things to enjoy/check out...

One, some fun crazy pictures from the gingerbread party last weekend. Be sure to check out the redneck gingerbread trailer!

Two, the video below, sent to me by a friend last week. Save Santa! It's funny (in a warped kind of way, yay), seasonal, and carries an important message. In related news, this movie is on my list of films to see over the Christmas break.

Three, this post, if you haven't read it already. It's ended up being one of my favourites in a while.

Four, leave me a comment here with a favourite Christmas memory or tradition (here's one of mine)! I'd love to hear your stories! (Ok, so that one's for ME to enjoy!)

Oh yeah, and for those of you who have asked, no, Eric hasn't written me. Too bad. I thought it would be fun to get in touch again, even just over email. Kind of like a mini grade 7 reunion of sorts, that's all.

(oh man, I'm such a teacher. I just made preparations for the time I'm going to be away!!!)


happy and blue 2 said...

Have a Merry Christmas Hillary..
The pictures and story and video were all great.
I'll try to get a story for you..

nachtwache said...

Hillary, have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2007. My favorite Christmas memories are as a small child coming into the living room and seeing the beautiful Christmas tree, real candles lit on it, believing the "Christ Kindli" (Christmas child) and His angels had brought it and the presents; after being awed at this sight, we'd sing Christmas carols, in our small family circle. I understood early, that Christmas was about much more than presents. Christmas Blessings!

Jenn said...

enjoy the break - get all your stuff done and bring us back some good stories! (love the gingerbread trailer!)

um...fave tradition? Christmas breakfast, after unwrapping the presents. It was never anything bigger than a weekend breakfast, but it was always extra yummy. :D

Queen Bee said...

Hillary, I'll miss you! Email if you like, I would love to hear from you. Have a very merry Christmas filled with family, friends and the love of Jesus :) Oh, and I loved the pics, what a fun evening that must have been!

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Hillary, I'll be thinking about you!! Sometimes it feels good to not blog. :-) I found that when I took a week off, I spent a little more time thinking about serious stuff in my head, instead of mentally writing blog posts. Yeah, I'm a dork. :-) I'll miss your blogging, but I'll be emailing you.

Anonymous said...

I completely understand! I'll miss reading you, but I'll still check in to see if you've come back to the blogging world!

Enjoy the time off and have a WONDERFUL Christmas!!

PS that video was HILARIOUS!!

Hillary said...

Oh, I'm not gone forever! No way! I'll be back in a few days, maybe a week. Lke Sarah said, just need some time to think through stuff instead of mentally writing blog posts. Yeppers, I do that at times. I share in Sarah's dorkiness. ;)

Ok, I guess this is kinda breaking my own rule, so off I go! :)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with nachtwache. My favorite Christmas memory is the waiting for Christmas Eve. Nowadays I am so busy that I don't have time to "enjoy" the waiting. As a child I just could not wait for Christmas Eve. Well, actually the waiting wasn't all that great, but then, when the waiting was over, and you were finally allowed to see the Christmas tree for the very first time, decorated and with all the candles - then it was truly Christmas. This very moment of seeing the tree for the first time, that's my favorite Christmas memory. :o)

Merry Christmas and I wish all of you the time to enjoy waiting for Christmas.