Friday, December 08, 2006

Busy bee

Wow. I ACTUALLY didn't post yesterday. Shocker!!!

Man, Wednesday was a doozy. I'm still feeling overwhelmed, but not nearly as dispairing as I was. I had had a ROUGH day with my kids, and I was ready to THROTTLE them*. Plus, my voice was serverely giving out on me. I've had no voice since Tuesday. I sound like a wheezing moose. It's really cute. *rolls eyes* Even my students have been asking me, "Ms Hillary, why are you here?"

ALTHOUGH.... super duper warm fuzzy moment... every moring since Tuesday, one of the goofball boys in my class has been in early, and has greeted me with,"Good morning, Ms Hillary! Are you feeling better today?" Aw! (I've been playing the "I have no voice and I reeeallly can't talk over you" card all week. It's worked for the most part.) Yesterday he asked me, "Why are you even here? You should stay home!" I explained to him that I had to be here this week for report cards, yadda yadda yadda. Then today as we were walking down to the library, he told me, "You know what? You should stay home on Monday. Report cards are done now, so you don't have to come. And maybe Tuesday, too!"

"Are you trying to get rid of me????" I teased. "You just don't want me around! You're gonna make me cryyyy!"

"Ha ha! No! You just need to get some rest so you get better."

Awwwww! From a 10 year old boy! What a sweetie!

And now? I'm cleaning my house and baking gingerbread like a madwoman. Woohoo! Yay for Christmas time!

* Turns out is was a full moon on Wednesday. Aaaaahhhh... THAT explains it. Seriously, the kids were NUTTY. N-U-T-T-Y. I gave up 45 minutes before the end of the day, cancelled the last lesson I had planned, and took them down to the gym to join in the carolling winter sing-a-long. [boo hiss] Good thing that was happening, or I do believe my kids would have seen me open up one serious can of whoop-a$$. Big time.


Anonymous said...

How come no one ever posts comments on your blog? Let me be the first.

nachtwache said...

We'll that's too funny, you probably get more comments than most people. Glad you're happier again. Niki is coming home for Christmas! Yay for CAROLING! It's been a trend for awhile, to eradicate any trace of Christianity outside the churches. Keep shining that light! Have a wonderful Christmas season!

happy and blue 2 said...

Glad you are feeling better. It isn't all that long before Christmas break. Or I guess, the school closing days for no reason that they can speak of break..

Queen Bee said...

Glad you're starting to feel better. Gingerbread helps :)

I'm with you on the whole carolling thing. Why can't we just call it what it is?

Too cute about your 10yo fan ;)

Hillary said...

Well, to be honest, they DO call it carolling, but it's all Frosty/Rudollph/Santa/Jingle Bells, etc. Fun, but the CAROLS are glaringly missing. It's sad.

And yeah, I was wondering about that first comment. Whatever.