Friday, November 25, 2005

Yippee skippy!

Report cards are done! Report cards are done! Yaaaay!

I absolutely HATE first term report cards! I only have to give letter grades to classroom teachers for the first term - no comments, thank goodness, and only to the intermediate teachers. That cuts the reporting down somewhat from 680 students to about 300. But the music program doesn't even get going till about October (it takes that long to settle schedules!), which at the best of times, only gives me about six 40 minute periods in which to teach and evaluate my students. Then we may miss classes because of holidays, professional days, or assemblies. I only see each class once a week, and my schedule is jam full. I have no spare periods. So if a kid is sick the day I do the evaluations, how do I get a mark for them?? And to boot, this year, teachers were on strike for two weeks in October. Suuure, I can give a mark that's actually based on anything. Yeah right! Arg!

But, they're done, letter grades are based on at least the student's ability to read the rhythms we've been working on, if not more. I'll have much more to draw on next term, but that's when I get to start making comments. I have to say, reporting is one aspect of my job that I don't particularily like!

BUT, it's done, and there's only three weeks till Christmas vacation! YAY! May the countdown begin.....

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