Sunday, November 13, 2005

God must really love me!

Beastmobile strikes again. Well, actually, this was MY fault, but it feels better to blame the car.

I was out at some friends' place tonight, and it was about 1am when I left with my friends Shaun and Sarah. We were parked side by side in the lot. When I got to my car, I noticed that the interior lights were on. "Oh, shoot, I left my lights on! Guys, wait up, I might need a jump." Yup, I did.

Thanks, God, for the parking spot right next to my friends!

Out come my jumper cables, and in the pouring rain, we connect them. Just as we're getting them hooked up, a tow truck pulls up. "Hey, you guys call BCAA [B.C. Automobile Assotiation]?" Uh, nope. "Oh, OK, well there must be someone else around here..." We scan the parking lot. It's empty, except for us and one other car near the far end. He drives down there.

Thanks, God, for a mechanic showing up 'randomly' in the middle of the night just as I think my car is dead!

I try the ignition. A weak little "ruh-ruh-ruh-ruh-ruh" comes from the open hood, but the car doesn't start. We try a few more times. Nothing. I still have lights and radio, so we don't think it's the battery. Stupid piece of crap car! This JUST happened at the beginning of October. Now again? Unfortunately neither I nor my friends are members, but in keeping with my "Hey, it never hurts to ask!" policy, I decide to run over to the BCAA guy and see if he can at least come look and give an opinion. He comes over once he's dealt with the other car.

Thanks, God, for the BCAA guy having pity on us and helping even though we're not members!

We try the ignition again. Ruh-ruh-ruh. The BCAA guy confirms that it's definitely a dead battery, and not something else.

Thanks, God, for it not being something worse!

He gives us a few tips and we try a few things, then decide to try my friends' cables. He's determined that mine are faulty, or just can't handle enough power or something. Funny, now that I think about it, I've never been able to jump my car with those cables. Huh. (Note to self: buy new jumper cables.) We hook up Shaun and Sarah's cables.

Thanks, God, for friends who have better jumper cables than I do (and who would drive me home if it came to that, even though I live a 20 min drive away, and they only live basically down the street.)

We let it charge for a minute, then I try the ignition again. VVRRROOOM! Yippee!!!

Thanks, God!


Barbara said...

I am really bad for leaving my lights on and need a jump at least once a month. I finally started putting a clothes peg on the door handle to get out so when I go to open the door I remember to turn the lights out. Kind of like tying a string around my finger!

Paul said...

That's cool.

But wow, jump leads that are in a worse condition than your car!

Mind you, my car doesn't even have a battery...

...or an ignition...

...come to think of it, it doesn't have a rear view mirror, wipers, radio, interior lights, a petrol cap...

...wheels, an engine, doors, exhaust, windscreen, body, etc.

I think you get the idea.

Krissi said...

To my darling sister who always brings such encouraging words...

Thank you!

PelaLusa said...

Sorry to hear you had to go through this, but glad it turned out okay.