Friday, November 18, 2005


My sidebar needs some serious work.
And why on EARTH am I up at 4:44am? I've been up since 2:30. Blah!

That is all.


PelaLusa said...

My god, young lady, I see that you're up to 6 blogs against my miniscule 2! Is there a competition going on that I'm not aware of? I LOVE the new look ... and nothing wrong with staying up until 4:44am if you're in a creative groove!! Hey, where can I get that funky font?

Hillary said...

ha ha, nope the 4:44 am wasn't a blogging thing. IT was a crap, I fell asleep really early and woke up wide awake at 2:30am thing. I was wide awake till about 6, then slept for an hour, and was off to work. I was a wee tad tired that day.

Yes, and all those 6 blogs are up and active with regular posts! .... NOT! Ha ha, don't forget about my strike blog on another host name!

The funky font is called "girls are wierd." Not thrilled about the name (shoulda been BOYS are wierd!), but I loved the font! ;)