Friday, July 29, 2005

Sweet Freedom!

As of one hour ago, I am officially on HOLIDAYS! For FIVE WEEKS! (and two days!) I can not say a big enough YEEEAAAAHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!

This is the first time since Grade NINE that I have had more than about 5 days off with no obligations, no commitments, no feeling of guilt at "oh, I SHOULD be doing this or that (like lesson planning, etc)."

No shouldas.
No oughtas.
No gottas.

I will be waking up in the morning and asking myself, "hmmm, what would I like to do today?" Oh it's gonna be glorious!

Oh yeah, and I've decided I'm gonna keep blogging (surprise surprise, but there's been a mindset shift) ... more to come a little later, I'm off the the beach for some live carribean music.

Welcome, summer!

1 comment:

Jason said...

Hey, enjoy the freedom while you have it. Get out in the sun, see the sights, read a good book, and blog, blog, blog. Glad you back to blogging, Ellen and I both enjoy reading it.