Sunday, July 17, 2005

Is it something that makes your life better?


I hate it when I get asked a question that makes me have to face up to what I've known for a long time but had been trying to avoid.


After church today, I was talking to Alfred, a friend/acquaintance from church. A few weeks ago I had come accross a blog written by a girl who goes to Regent College. As I was looking at her blog one day, I saw she had posted a picture of her and some friends down at the beach. I looked at the picture and saw Alfred! Crazy! It was one of those "small world" things, which I jsut thought was cool. Anyway, I saw Alfred today so thought I'd tell him that I had randomly come across his picture as I was blog surfing.

Of course, conversation lead to the question of how I found this girl's blog. So I started talking about Blog Explosion, surfing blogs to earn points which translates into traffic for your blog, etc etc etc. As I was exlpaining this, I was feeling embarassed about it, and if I'm honest with myself (ouch) it's because I spend far too much time doing this, and have been realizing over the past while that too much of my conversation and time is taken up by this silly piece of cyberspace. Me being the person I am (saying pretty much every thought that occurs to me out loud), I rolled my eyes and laughed, saying, "Oh, man, I'm SUCH a nerd!"

To which Alfred responded, "Well, is it something that makes your life better?"

"Well, er... it's kind of an online journal thingy...umm.... and friends look at it, thay can see what I've been up to... uh... and it's interesting getting people from all over the world looking at it..."

I don't know if I was convincing him. I wasn't convincing myself.

Our conversation moved on from there, but his question stuck in my head. Is the time I spend blogging something that makes my life better? Or am I doing it for other reasons?

I know some deeper reasons, which I'm not willing to go into here, yet (if I do at all). But what I will say is that I'm going to take a blogging break for a while. No checking stat counter, no blog surfing, and no more posts for a while. I have some thinking to do about why I'm doing this and if it's something I am doing to enrich my life, or to hide from it.


Feel free to keep leaving comments. I get those via email.


Jason said...

I wouldn't worry about your enjoyment of blogging. I'm sure it's a minor issue compared to all the other potenially harmful things you could spend your time doing. Maybe God is using your blog to minister to someone you don't even know is reading it. He does work in mysterious ways. Just a thought. Hate to see ya go, but Ellen and I will be check back from time to time to see what you have to say.

Hillary said...

Thanks Jason! This isn't permanent, just some time off to think (and especially after the situation I referred to in my most recent post). Apparently this "time off" will have to start tomorrow! :P

Ellen said...

I agree with the hubby. I think blogging helps people get/stay connected to other people-- there's far too much loneliness in the world today. Jason actually even reads blogs way more than I do (and I certainly read my fair share.)