Friday, July 01, 2005


Why does God's voice always seem clearer to me after the fact?

Over the last year, it seems that only after something happens can I look back and go, "Ah, yes, God was telling me this or that." Is it because I'm not in the practice of hearing his voice? Or have I heard it and chosen not to listen? Either way, it sure would have saved me from some disappointing situations had I realized/listened. BUT, I'm constantly learning about God, about myself and about others through this crazy tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful beautiful life. I guess it's the "almost magic" part that's getting to me right now. For once I'd like it to just be magic. I'm getting awfully tired of the 'almost.'

Looks like I'm in for some more growing pains. It's better than staying the same, though, so I can deal with that.

Moving right along.....

Ironic... I just found this series of pictures on The Reign Of Ellen. They seem verry fitting right now. :P

Take one

Take two

Take three

The result


John said...

funny, I also prefer magic to tragic, and magic to almost magic.

the funny thing is though is that if life was even more magical, we would still be imagining a life even more magical than the one we have, such is the power of imagination.

Jason said...

Glad you enjoyed Ellen's artwork, and thanks for giving her credit. After reading your post I thought you might also enjoy her newest cartoon. Keep learning from those growing pains, God has a plan for us all. You may want to check out some Henry Nouwen books. Great blog.

DE said...

If there is a God all I get is bad news.