Sunday, July 17, 2005

Craig T

So I know I said no new posts just a few hours ago (see below), but this is an exception.

CRAIG - you have SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY crossed the line. I CONTINUALLY asked you to respect my request for privacy. You continued to press. You did not respect what I was asking, only til the very very end of our conversation, and even then, you had the AUDACITY to tell me you thought that I had fear and controll issues.

You do not know me at all. How DARE you say that.

You also asked for my website. I told you no, because there was too much personal information on here, and frankly, I did not trust you after our conversation to give it to you.

Yet instead, you hunted it down anyway. Likely now you have seen pictures of my house, my family, my friends, and have read who knows how much of my blog. Yes, I realize that it is on the web for all to see. However, after the conversation where you could not even respect my decision not to send you a picture, that is a HUGE, HUGE violation of my privacy. And when confronted about it, you first lied to me, then mocked me, then called me a child.

I am SO furious right now. And no, it is not a "controll" issue, nor am I "a child" as you called me. It is a matter of staying safe on the internet, as I repeated to you many times last night.

And as far as you preaching to me, or speaking to me, or whatever you want to call it, about prayer, you had absolutely no right to do that. My comment was more in disbelief that the only way you would honour my decision not to send you a picture was if I prayed about it and "Jesus told me [you were] a killer or something." You just wouldn't respect my request on it's own.

I should have stopped talking to you the minute you kept pushing for information I already told you I wasn't comfortable giving you.

Frankly, I am extremely creeped out by the fact that you hunted me down (and I still am at a loss as to how you got my email in the first place, anyway), then coyly referred to my blog in your email. You then lied to me about having seen my site, and only when I proved I knew you had seen it did you 'fess up.

It is precicely because of things like that that I do NOT give out personal information. I consider you a dangerous person, not in the sense that you will harm me, I hope, but in the sense that you have violated every boundary I had set with you from the beginning of our conversation. The fact that you cannot see this is even more concerning.

Now I don't suppose you'll honour this request, but don't ever come here or to my homepage again.

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