Saturday, July 02, 2005

Showin' me the love

I won't get into it here/now, but I've had two disappointments in the last two days, and am feeling kinda bummed. But, it's amazing how God shows his love in really tangible ways right when we need it the most (well, all the time, but even more so when we need it).

Shortly after disappointment #1, I got a somewhat out of characteristic hug from a friend of mine, which was jsut what I was needing. Then just after disappointment #2, as I was making some phone calls to sort a few things out, my landlords knocked on my door with a big boquet of beautiful flowers that they had just cut from their garden.

So. A hug to remind me I'm loved, and some flowers to brighten my day! That's two for two. None of these people knew what was going on, and yet they have been God with skin on for me today.

Once again I say, God is SO good.


Just Wandering said...

Hi, thanks for checking out my blog! Regent is cool and I can understand how any Christian in Vancouver would want to be a wannabe. If I hang around after I graduate I'll be one of those people too.

I like your blog!

psychobabbler said...

You have a nice blog. God really is great. Once when I accidently lost my dormroom at college (forgot to hand in a form) I was extremely sadened and I prayed really hard. I lived 3 hours and I knew commuting was my last option and it'd be hard. With God's help I believe I got through it, and I actually got my highest grades during these final years. Everything worked out, and I'm so grateful.

Ellen said...

Hi! I really like your blog!

No problem using my cartoons-- I am very flattered actually. My husband's hobby is currently my blog, so he has all these programs that track links to me.

I am constantly humbled and amazed by how good God is to me-- I certainly don't deserve it. If I can just let Him, He works out even the tiniest and weirdest details.

Rose said...

I just found your blog through Reign of Ellen. Very interesting! I live in Manitoba, Canada. I have a sister that lives in Delta (Richmond area) in Vancouver so have visited there numerous times. I am also an elementary teacher but at home right now with our 6-month old baby girl.

Hillary said...

Hi Rose! Funny, I have a friend in Winnipeg who is from Delta! :) If you pop by here again, your name didn't have a link on it - I'd love to go see your blog, too. Where can I find it (oops, do you have one?)

Anyway, thanks for the comments!

web_loafer said...

Anyone quoting my favorite songwriter has a blog worth reading. It is a very nice place for a read, especially since I had a little Darryl Worley on in the background.
My blog today has the lyrics to one of his best songs...."Those less foruntate than me"
It is combined with some comments about Live8. Keep up the good work, catch you around.

web_loafer said...

That is why Darryl is the songwriter and I am the listener.
Make that...Those less forunate than I.