Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Just for kicks and giggles...

I found The Sloganizer in my blog travels this afternoon. It makes a slogan out of any key word you put into it. Here are some of my favouries:

* Hello Hillarytastic!
* And on the eighth day, God created Hello Hillary.
* Welcome to the Hello Hillary universe.
* It's not a dream. Hello Hillary is real!
* Once Hello Hillary, always Hello Hillary.
* Hello Hillary – one name, one legend.
* Hello Hillary: it’s a kind of magic.
* Hello Hillary. To hell with the rest.

Try it out, it's good for the ego, and at least worth a giggle!


Brad said...

I tried it:

«Lucky Bradster»

Mark (aka Sparky) said...

These were a couple of my faves ;)

«I lost weight with Sparky.»
«Don't play with fire, play with Sparky.»

Just Wandering said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog...I can't quite remember but I think you're the Regent wannabe! Anyway, yes Alfred is the coolest.

Melissa said...

«Food or Melissa? I'll have Melissa.»
«Melissa brings out the best.»
«No Melissa, no kiss.»
«Melissa for everybody.»
«Melissa, since 1845.» (What?! Who told!)
«Melissa, better than sex.»
«Step into the light with Melissa.»
«Melissa is a never ending story.»
«I wish i had a Melissa.»
«The Power of Melissa.»