Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I am single

This is not an invitation. This is a statement. I am single. It has been four years since I have gone out with anyone. Most days this doesn't bother me. I enjoy my life - I like my job, I'm involved in things in my community (too involved at times , it seems), and I have a great circle of friends. But sometimes, I look around me and it seems like it's a married person's world. I'm 26 years old. Most of my friends are married, and many of them are now having kids. I have lots of single friends, too. But sometimes I feel like I'm being left behind. The world seems to be moving on without me.

In my head I know that I can't just sit around and wait to be married to get my life underway. SO often I hear - either from other single people or from within myself the sentiment that "oh, I'll do this or that when I get married." I KNOW that life happens now, so I'm going to live it.

I also know that it's better to be single than to settle. I have mighty high standards, and I believe there is someone out there for me for whom I will not have to compromise those standards.

I love my life, I live it now, I hold on to hope. But also, I crave to share my life with someone. I want to know someone deeply and be known by them. Some days that longing is stronger than others.

Either way, I've been thinking a lot about singleness lately, and wanted a place to hash out my thoughts. So here we are.

Welcome to my blog! I would love to hear you comments! Don't be shy! There are lots of people like me out there - living the single life. What are your thoughts? Thanks for reading mine!


Johnny Walker said...

It's best to be single. Trust me. :)

Anonymous said...

hi there single..

i am single too..my problem is that i am a little shy...i like this chick at work..but can't tell her how i feel about her..i feel outclassed by her..in every aspect of my life..she is out of my league....somedays at lunch time..i drink beer at the parking lot in my car..that takes the edge off when i see her....i feel like myself..tomorrow is v-day..i didnt ask her out..i chickened out....so i guess..its cool to be single if not with Rachel....