Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Reader, beware. This is a rant.

HONESTLY! We can't eat ANYTHING anymore without it being bad for you. All of a sudden EVERYTHING is off limits. Eat more of this, eat less of that. This causes cancer, that will make your hair fall out. No fat, no carbs, good fat, good carbs, no meat, all meat, low sugar. You think you've got a good thing going on then you find out it's bad for another reason. And there's no place like a teacher's lounge/staffroom to drown in the vast array of nutritional philosophies. Tell me, does the plate of spinach with a can of tuna dumped on top really do it for you? Or the cottage cheese, chopped up pear and all bran every day for lunch? Or how about the raw foodist's tub of green sludge? Nevermind that, how about the protein powder sprinkled on top of some lentil mush? And the plates and plates and plates of salads.

Now how's this for a nice, healthy breakfast:
* Multigrain Cheerios (see? No unbleached flour there!)
* Skim milk on the cereal (low fat!)
* A nice big class of orange juice (getting some vitamin C, a serving of fruit)

Low fat, well balanced, right? Nooooooo. Every part of that breakfast has been shot down.

Multigrain Cheerios: (after a comment about it not being a bad choice for a breakfast cereal cause it's got whole/multi grains) "Yeah, it's ok till you look at all the SUGAR that's in it!"

Skim milk: "Oh, I don't drink milk anymore. They pump those cows so full of hormones. I'm not interested in getting cancer, thanks."

Orange juice: "That's a caloric BOMB!" [ie. lots of calories]

ha-RUMPH! Now leave me alone, I have a burger and fries to go eat. And maybe wash it down with a nice big milkshake.
Super-Size Me be damned! :P


skipping rock said...

and why would you want to drink blue/white water anyhow?? eeew

skipping rock said...

There is a bigger killer out there... it is called "no" food.

Steve said...

that's right. Supersize Me! and the movie by that name i really enjoyed.

Steve said...

i like the unkymoods you have. i had one on my blog for a few days but i thought "my mood changes by the second!" so i can't possibly update that thing. :)

Hillary said...

Yeah, unkymoods is only a rough guide - I'm not going for 100% accuracy! But you know me, "busy" is usually a pretty good bet! :P

John said...

as for eating healthy, I think if only eat junk food occasionally, and mostly stick to normal food, you'll be healthy. Seriously... so what if milk has horomones in it, and cheerios have sugar in them?
but I guess everything changes if your trying to lose weight instead of just 'stay healthy'.
fortunatly our bodies are quite adaptive, I mean seriously... whats the average life expectancy nowadays?