Friday, January 09, 2009


Greetings from Nairobi! I’m here! I’m actually here!!! I’m exhausted and dying for a shower, but I’m here! All my flights were great – to Toronto, to London, to Nairobi… no lost bags, no customs hassles, no problems getting a visitor’s Visa (other than a reeeeeallllly long line in the Nairobi airport), nothing!

I’ve got lots to write from the last five days (wow – five days? Is that all?), but for now know that I’m safe and sound here at Mayfield, a guest house run by AIM in Nairobi, sitting in bed under my mosquito net and enjoying the quiet night punctuated only by the odd call of a bird here and there.

Tomorrow brings a full day – the first of my 5-6 days of orientation here in Nairobi before I head up to Korr, which includes some Swahili lessons and a matatu (taxi) tour through Nairobi with Janet, the short term assistant. Looks like I’m diving in head first! WAHOO!

Holy smokes! I’M REALLY IN AFRICA!!!

If you’d like to pray for me, here are some ideas…
* For a smooth and timely acquisition of a work visa
* For all things transitional – adaptation to life, safety, remembering not to drink the water, learning curves, etc


Kris said...

I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to read about the stories you will have. I pray you have an amazing time!

Jean said...

So glad to hear you made it with no extra unplanned adventures! :) It's hard to picture you there. Are you making this up? :) :) how mind boggling that you're on the other side of the world!! :)

Anonymous said...

You're theeeeereeeee! Hooray!!! :)
Have fun with the language, the chaos, and all the other fun stuff of a new place! -trudy

anne said...

I loved Nairobi! I can totally picture you on your bed under your tent. Window open with a breeze blowing through the windows *with no screens*!?

Be sure to teach us a few extra Swahili words while you're at it, k?

anne said...

OK, AND!? There's a really good reason that I can picture this so easily. I asked Andy and we stayed at Mayfield as well!! Oh, the crazy things that went down there...I can't wait to see a picture! We were there in August so the weather was probably different. Am I correct that now is the rainy season?

One more thing. If you decide to bring back souvenirs? I would like a can of drinking chocolate. Plskthx.