Saturday, January 17, 2009

Posts 'n' Pics!

Ah, yes! It's true! I have pictures! Not oodles, as uploading is reallyslow, but pics none the less!

And basically, what I'll be doing here is blogging offline, then doing a big ol' blog dump when I do get online. So here's your notice - I have two new posts up just below this one - "Thoughts on School" and "Mzungu" - and a link to another post with more about the Kenyan education system here if you're interested. Sooo... enjoy!

Here's a link to my pictures (which are also posted on Facebook).


Katrina said...

Great pictures, Hillary! It sounds like you are having a life-changing experience over there, and I am praying that you will bless and be blessed by it in equal measures!

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Thanks for the photos, Hillary. Even though there is much poverty, it also appears that there is much joy. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Hello there.. You may now submit your blog to our newly created PR 3 Blog Directory.. Have a nice day!

Jean said...

What great pictures! Looking forward to seeing more!! :)