Thursday, January 22, 2009

Flexibility Required - update!

Well, I’ll bet you’re not surprised to hear that my travel plans continue to change! After all, this is Africa… :)

Last I left you, it was Monday and my flight on Tuesday was cancelled and I was going to drive up to Korr on Wednesday with Nick and Lynne. Well there’s been some issues with the funding required to buy the supplies that they needed, so on Tuesday, I was told we’d be leaving Thursday… and on Wednesday, that we’d be leaving Friday… and today, Thursday, there is still paperwork to straighten out. If it’s not done today, it’ll have to be done Friday, and then supplies will have to be bought. Everything is closed on the weekend, so it will be done Monday, and we’ll be leaving Tuesday…

And so day to day, I’m finding things to do, ministries to visit, and spending some time in bed trying to knock out a silly head cold before it knocks ME out. Not sure yet who’s winning the battle.

I’ll get to Korr eventually, I promise! It really has been a blessing to have this time to see different ministries here in Nairobi and to have some time to unwind from the insanity that was my December. Next up (after my cold is gone!) is visiting a nearby orphanage to help with feeding, changing diapers, and spend time playing with babies! Yahoo!

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