Sunday, December 28, 2008

T-Minus seven days!!!

I know, I know, I need to sit down and post in a big way! For now, here's the contents of an email I just sent out to my email list this evening. If you're here as a result of that email, normally there will be different posts here! I just don't have much time right now and wanted to give an update! Ok... preamble over! hehe!

One week to go!!! Seven days! That's IT!!!

I fly out for my orientation in Toronto at 7am on Monday, January 5. While people are getting ready to go back to work, back to school, back to the proverbial grind, I'll be racing down a Vancouver runway at the beginning of what will be the most stretching, exciting, and mind-blowing experience of my life thus far. (Wow. That's even scary and thrilling to write!)

How quickly this has come! There is still SO much to be done - banking, shopping, packing, preparing - but in moments of stillness I try to wrap my mind around what life will be like two weeks from now, settling in in Korr, Kenya. My mind just doesn't bend that way (yet!).

A few bits of fantabulous news I thought I'd share with you:
  • I am only about $1200 away from meeting my fundraising goal of $11,300!!! I am flabbergasted at how quickly and how generously you have responded. "Thank you" is simply not enough to say! I can't wait for the email when I'll be able to say that I'm all the way there! :) In the meantime, if you would like to help bridge that gap, click here.

  • I now have someone to rent my suite while I am gone! WAHOO! This was one of my greatest stresses and causes for concern, but once again, God provided in the perfect way - she's a friend of mine (Vania, whose music I have featured here before, here and here!) who I trust completely, and we have been able to mutually help each other out in such a big way through this arrangement! And the best part? She called me on Christmas morning to tell me that she was going to take the place! :) What a huge, huge answer to prayer (and YAAAAY, God, for answering it even beyond what I was expecting or hoping for!)
Things are definitely falling into place, and God is totally amazing me in all the little (and the big!) ways that he's providing for me and working things out in these final few days. I absolutely can not wait to grow in my understanding of the depths of His love and to learn to share that in any way I can!

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