Monday, December 22, 2008

Calling all house hunters!

Live in Vancouver? Know someone who does? Know of anyone wanting to sublet a great suite while I'm away??? I'm getting kinda freaked out here, folks! January 1 is nine days away. I've advertised on craigslist, the AMS Rentsline, housing4students, facebook, word of mouth... I've taken out a 4 day ad in the two major Vancouver newspapers that will run Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday ($154!!! Sheesh!). No bites. I've even lowered the rent nearly $100 to give a god deal. I'll just make up the difference each month at this point if it means getting someone in here!

So here's the info... seriously! Pass it on if you think there might even be SOMEONE interested in living here! And there's pictures at the bottom. If you're not in the market, just consider this a wee tour of my house! Ha! :) Click any photo for a larger view.

Garden Level Suite for Sublet

* Warm, homey 1 bedroom garden level suite for rent from January 1- July 31, 2009. Preference given to those able to commit to full term.
* RENT NOW LOWERED! INCLUDES all utilities, cable, high speed enhanced internet connection, and free shared in-house laundry (email me for specifics)
* Convenient location - right on express bus route to UBC (approx 25 mins), easy access to downtown, very close to three major bike routes
* Fully furnished, including 24" TV, DVD, VCR, with or without all kitchen items and linens
* Land line not available: cell phones only
* Full kitchen, shared use of backyard and own patio furniture, plenty of street parking in a quiet neighbourhood
* Suitable for 1 quiet student or 1 working professional
* Absolutely no smoking (tobacco, cigars, pot, etc) indoors or out; no pets
* Email bygrace253 at yahoo dot ca for more details!

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Kaz said...

Off topic: I love your bedspread, where did you find it? :-)