Thursday, December 04, 2008

Makes sense to me!

We're doing a unit on mapping right now at school. The kids are learning about symbols and legends, and today I had them create their own island. They got to plan where the mountains would be, the rivers, the school, the neighbourhood, the parks, etc. It really was quite a fun project! As they were colouring their maps, one grade two girl looked up at me:

"Miss Hillary, look, do you see how I coloured this symbol grey and red mixed?"

"Yes! It looks neat!"

"Well I did it because I thought it would look kind of bloody, and that's good, cause it's the hospital."

Ummm... ok, then! :)


Busy, busy, busy! That's been my life the last two weeks. Between report cards, getting my placement confirmed, filling in all manner of permit applications, waivers, policies, etc, planning my fundraiser, writing and sending out prayer letters, making prayer cards to be printed, getting stabbed in the arm with more deadly diseases... life has been more than a little hectic. So many times I've wanted to sit down and write - reflect about this whole Africa process, talk about my kidlets, ramble aimlessly.... oh sorry, what? ... but I've been TOO. TIRED. and have had NO time! I totally even bailed on NaBloPoMo. (Cause you know, THAT was my biggest priority!)

I have my departure date - January 7 - and time is a-tickin'!

So much to dooooooo!

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