Monday, October 13, 2008



Ok, no, not THOSE kinds of letters! I mean letters about Africa! I spent most of Saturday writing up my first letter that I'll be sending out to friends and family telling them what I'll be doing in Africa, why I'm going, and, if they so choose, how to support me - via keeping in touch, supporting me financially (I have less than three months to raise all the funds needed for my trip! AK!), and/or by praying for me while I prepare to leave and while I'm gone.

If you'd like to read it, you can find it online here: Hillary's Support Letter #1.

I've also added a drop down menu to the Africa section of my sidebar. As I continue to write update letters, I'll link to them there as well. And, I don't think I've said this yet, but every weekend I'll update the timeline with things that have happened/stuff I've done/developments surrounding my preparation to head off. You know, in case you're geeky like me and like that kind of thing! :) Keep your eye on the fundraising pie, too! Hopefully all that grey will begin to disappear very soon! :)

Oh, and last but not least...

Happy Thanksgiving!


AfricaBleu said...

Yay, hey, hey, hey, whoo, hoo, hoo! I'm so happy for you, ooo, ooo!

Boy, you've got some fun in store for you!

Abbey said...

Happy (Canadian)Thanksgiving!! a little late... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Hil,

You're gonna put out the info as to who we send support $$ to, right? If we send it to AIM, it's tax receiptable? I'm guessing so. Let us know so we can help you out.

A.Con (Akon? ha ha)