Friday, October 03, 2008

Just wondering...

How is it that, over six days this last week, four different boys bought or made me dinner*, and still I'm headed home from work at 8pm on a Friday night to my brother's cat and and empty house?

I'm getting pretty sick of single.

* Only one of those dinners was a date, but that one ended in a "I just like you as a friend" talk, so it doesn't really count.


nachtwache said...

Oh Hillary, I know somewhat how you feel, I remember being young and wanting to be loved.
Being married isn't always the cats meow either and some who aren't single wish they were!
Try to find fulfillment in God's love for you and your love for Him for now, let Him bring the right man into your life, someone who'll have the same passion for God, as you. Someone who'll cherish you, for whom you'll be the only and the most beautiful woman in the world! That's how a husband should love his wife. Any less you'd settle. It's better to be single than married to the wrong person.
Big HUG!!!!

anne said...

I'll totally second nacht. I know you have the biggest and best heart and I know that you are wise and discerning. The "right" man is there. Maybe he's still on his way to you but nonetheless you are always the bride of Christ. Hopefully that doesn't sound like mere platitudes from the happily married one. I would wish a fabulous marriage on anyone--but only a fabulous one, never mediocre!

Plus, apparently, the guys around you are just plain dumb. D.U.M. ;)