Tuesday, October 14, 2008

As political as I'm gonna get

Ah the difference between American and Canadian politics. There are oodels, but here are a few.

America: one election every four years. Fixed. (right?) A year and a half of lead up, preliminaries, mud slinging, and shenanigans. The whole world knows what's going on.
Canadians watch the American debates.

Canada: three elections in four years (I freaking have to vote AGAIN?!?! It's a right, it's a priveledge, yeah yeah, but THREE TIMES in four years? Come on!). An election called on September 7, election complete October 14. Party leaders having hissy fits about "If SHE'S coming to the debate, we're gonna boycott!" Pretty much nobody (probably even a lot of Canadians, at least for the first half of the campaign) even KNEW there's a Canadian election happening. Debate night scheduled for the same night as the American debate (smart move, geniuses). Canadians watch the American debates.

Ah, well, at least our two nations could enjoy the circus together for a few weeks.

But today's decision day! (To my American friends: we beat you, nyah nyah! ;) )

So hey, Canadia - GO VOTE!

Blech. Politics on my blog. I feel so dirty now...


Katrina said...

Oh, man...I feel for you! That's a lot of elections! As for ours, I am getting SOOOO sick of the whole process. I've known who I'm going to vote for since the nominees were announced, and I haven't heard anything to change my mind. Of course, I'm not listening very hard anymore--all the shouting hurts my ears!

Abbey said...

I hear ya! I try to avoid any political talk...on blog and in person. It's just too messy!!

nachtwache said...

Where's you're sense of adventure? Braving the political jungle with all it's wild and unpredictable inhabitants is enlightening and educational. :)