Saturday, October 04, 2008

Falling into place

It looks like my placement for going to Africa is becoming a little more solid. I got a call from Jim, the BC co-ordinator this morning, and he's got my application, has been talking to the personnel person in charge of short term missions, and we've arranged a time for me to go over to his place for an interview (Tuesday evening!).

Initially when he called me on Monday, he told me that they were looking at a placement with a girl from the UK beginning in January to go work with kids in the slum areas of Nairobi, Kenya. Woah. While I'm open to go wherever I'm needed, I did have a more rural placement in mind (which was in my application, which he didn't have yet, so I'm just grateful that he's working on this as quickly as he can - it's amazing, really, how fast this is all coming together!). Heading to Africa is going to be an experience in itslef, and the slums of a large city... well, that's a whole other level! I told him that if that's what was available, I was up for it, for sure, but if there was something in a more rural area, maybe could I look into that?

So when I was talking to Jim this morning, he told me that there were a few possibilities for a rural placement teaching in national schools. Both areas are up in the northern area of Kenya, approximately here. It's veeeery rural, and I'd be living among a much more traditional people - tradtional dress, nomadic tribes... Kind of just what I had been picturing, I think. (But then again, really, what do I know??? Ha!) I'd be teaching in national schools, and doing other types of ministry in the area, either with the kids in the boarding school, if it's a boarding school, or youth groups through the church, or ...???

What Jim wanted to know was whether I could stay for seven months instead of six, because that would allow me two full terms there - January to March, a month off in April, and then May to July. I was planning on travelling for a while afterwards if possible anyway, so sure! Why not do it in the middle?!

So once again, it looks like the ball is rolling, things are falling into place, and all those other cliched terms for "HOLY COW, THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!!"


sarah cool said...

hooooooooooly crap. this is seriously happening!!!

Anonymous said...

very excited for you Hillary...this will be an amazing experience for you I'm sure. We'll keep you in our prayers :)


John A said...

so you can just take off from school and do this? wow. sounds like it'll be an amazing adventure.

Canadi-Ann said...

hey chica!

If you want, i have a great friend who's working in the urban slums in Nairobi.

I think it would be amazing if you met and got a glimpse of what she's doing or just meet her and give her a big hug for me!!!!

Wow, wow, wow to where you could be going!

nachtwache said...


AfricaBleu said...

Nimeshanga kabisa! (I am amazed completly.)
Congrats from your jealous friend in Oklahoma.