Friday, April 20, 2007

Oh no they di-in't!!!

There are very few things that flip my b!tch switch. I do not normally go on a random rampage when things tick me off. Few things really tick me off that much - I like to think I'm fairly laid back. Hopefully those of you who know me aren't laughing your collective butts off right now. I'd like to think that's fairly accurate.

But, there have been a few shining moments when somebody has done something really stupid or really wrong, and something in me just screams to let them know about it.

Like when I chased down and told off a driver who ran a red light, nearly mowing me down as I crossed the crosswalk - ironically enough carrying the two bags full of the contents of my very recently totalled Beastmobile. Totalled, I might add, by someone who ran a red light.

Or the time I was driving home from work after a sucky, stressful, kids-making-me-want-to-wring-their-necks kind of day, and some punks were walking along the street pelting rocks at cars. One hit the side of mine. The new one. The glorious replacement for the Beastmobile. I was in a pissy mood already, and that was the last straw. I wheeled the car over to the side of the road, unbeknownced (sp???) to the punks, as they were walking the opposite way and were nearly a block away by then. I once again chased them down, and, upon seeing the head punk launch another projectile at the oncoming traffic, screamed, "HEY! Yeah, YOU! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING???" He grunted something about it just being chocolate. What the? "I don't care! You're gonna cause damage to someone's car! You just hit mine!" sputter, sputter, lame excuse, lame excuse... "Come on!" I carried on. "GET SOME RESPONSIBILITY!"

Seriously? Get some responsibiltiy? Did that really come out of my mouth? That just may have been my most school-marm-ish moment ever.

But I mean, come on.

So today I got home from work and checked my messages. THIS is what I heard:

Ok, first off, it's pretty hilarious. The drawl on that guy is spectacular. But still... advertising? On my voice mail? The message had been playing through my whole greeting, and it wasn't even done when my answering machine (bless it's soul) cut it off. SHEESH!

They're not the first ones to do it. I've had random companies leave ads on my voice mail before. And it's not right! Ads on magazines, fine. Ads on TV, fine. Radio? Sure. Billboards? Whatever. Flyers in the mail. Kinda annoying, but I suppose accepted. But on my voice mail? Not that that's sacred or anything, but still... there really isn't ANYwhere where one can escape stupid spam. Come to think of it, I suppose it's more spam than advertising.

Whatever it was, it really annoyed me, so I made a phone call. I told the customer support dude (while making it clear I wasn't mad at him, and thanked him very much for his help at the end of the call) in no uncertian terms that I did NOT appreciate advertising on my answering machine, and take my number OFF whatever list it was on, and that that is NOT a marketing ploy that is ok with me.

On the other hand, "Ah coould wee-ehn thahyat!" Maybe I should go play a hand or two!



nachtwache said...

Sometimes you just have to say something. If more people did, kids would think twice, and so would immature grown ups! I've gotten a young adult to turn down the volume on his music, I could hear the offensive words from his headphones!! Another stopped spitting onto the sidewalk, while waiting at the bus stop. Sometimes, asking decent, works well.
We have an unlisted phone#, get very few sales calls :)
Enjoy your Sunday.

Melissa said...

How frustrating. I just checked to see if Canada has the equivalent of the US "Do not call registry." It looks like one was in the works and then got de-railed. :(

Abbey said...

BRAVA!! I think that was fantastic that you screamed at those kids...they need to hear it!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, the voicemail...annoying!!! That guys sounds like he's from my neck of the woods. Crazy rednecks! : ) hee hee hee

Emily said...

I was really cracking up at "Get some responsibilty!" I hate it when things like that come out of my mouth. I feel like such a dork!