Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bits of Randomness

ummm.... ok, so that little rant on Thursday night was a tad extreme. I wasn't planning on ranting when I said "stay tuned" either. A combo of the day I had had an the frustration of the class, and YIKERS. Raging Hillary.

I'm not a rager, really! I promise!

Aaaanyway... as I was driving to work yesterday, I heard a sad little story on the radio. Some famous person or other had been getting a bad rap (wrap?) for giving their dog Paxil a while back. But it's got people thinking (not terribly intelligent thoughts, but thinking nonetheless), and apparently they're now coming out with a brand of Paxil for dogs. So many dogs apparently are having this separation anxiety, or whatever it is when dogs freak out because they're left alone too much, that they want to develop a sort of Paxil for Pooches to calm them down.

Really? Are we really such a self-centered society (duh, yes) that we have to develop doggy drugs for people who want the perks of having a dog, but aren't willing to actually care for it properly? "Hey! Look at my cute little puppsy wupsy! ... walk her? spend time with her? Nooo, I don't have time for that. But it's ok! I just pop her Puppy Paxil. See how calm she is?" Sad, I tell you. Very very sad. If you want a pet, take CARE of it, for heavens sake.

On the brighter side... as I was driving to the theatre last night for Improv (hilarious!), I was following the most curious vehicle. It intrigued me and made me laugh and captured my attention for the good five minutes or so that I was behind it. I don't know why, particularly, but it totally brightened my day.

It was a little Vespa or something scooter-like. The driver was a girl, judging by the long skinny blonde braids coming out from beneath her helmet. She had striped blue and teal and white and turquoise and purple legwarmers on, and a large backpack strapped to her back. Strapped to the backpack and nearly twice the height of her head was a longboard, brightly coloured wheels spinning with the wind. She had one of those Canucks flags* flapping off the back of the seat, and a Rainbow Brite sticker on the fender. Just over that was one of those Jesus fish bumper thingies, but the one that says " 'N Chips" on the inside. I swear I would have noticed more had I not had to turn off. It was hilarious.

Welcome to Vancouver.

And finally, as I do every morning, I check my For Better or For Worse comic feed. Here's today's. All I can say is.... yep. You bet.

* Go Canucks Go! Aw, I'm such a bandwagonner. I only follow hockey in the playoffs IF the Canucks are in, but after that ridiculous 4 period OT game in the first round and the spectacular game 7 win last week, I'm in! Pretty much it's a fun excuse to drive around and honk your horn obnoxiously after a winning game. Heh. Down with the Ducks!!!!


Anne said...

You are hysterical. Too bad you didn't have a camera phone with which to take a picture of this crazy little driver! :)

Melissa said...

ACK! Lol! That comic BLINKED! :D Surprised the heck out of me for a second! Lol!

Hillary said...

Heh, yeah, they do that. Freaked me out the first time, too. And they time it so that it blinks I guess when the average reader gets to that frame. Much scariness.

Amy said...

We took in a pup from the rescue a few months ago and he has severe separation anxiety. Our vet put him on valium (a very mild dose) which we did for a week, but that didn't make any difference. I agree, if you take in a dog, you need to do all the things required of a dog owner. That said, I do not have a month of vacation time to ease my dog into crate training. We have to do the best we can with the situation and the last thing I ever want is a dog causing itself harm while it learns to adapt to a new environment.

I'm happy to say that we found resolution without medication and that Eli is doing much better (not perfect, but much happier!) and that's what truly matters.

(I suspect you could launch into a conversation about some parents over medicating children that they say are hyperactive who are really just undisciplined kids...or maybe that's just my bone to pick with the world...)

Abbey said...

Hilarious! I check FBoW EVERYDAY!!! Everyday. And it totally freaked me out, too, when it started blinking and moving!!

Happy Monday!!

K&W said...

Just stopping by to say hi - and thanks for your congratulations on our blog. ~Wendy

Leo said...

Funny post. That vespa girl sounds like a hoot.

sarah cool said...

You know..... I'd like to be a guest blogger on this blog from Canadia!!!!!!!!!

karen said...

HAHA!! I check fbofw EVERY day too! Practically like my morning coffee!