Thursday, April 12, 2007

Loadin' up

First term was crazy. I was brand spankin' new to having my own class, and it was pretty overwhelming. It still is, but I've at least slipped into an "oh my gosh, I'm going to DIE" routine, and I'm getting kinda used to that feeling now. Heh. But first term, I was also trying to do quite a bit - involved with a few things at my church, taking my west coast swing dancing class, and spending quite a bit of time with one particular person... It was all good, but it was too much, so for term two I decided that I would cut out all extra cirricular activites (not people!). Except the swing, cause we all know by now that I'm pretty much addicted!

So term two, I had no classes, no involvement at church, just time for a breather and time to focus on school. Except that that almost killed me, too. I am learning that I need to have at least something going on. Swing didn't seem to quite do it, as it's on Sundays, leaving my weeknights free still. I was really not a happy camper with nothing to do. Like, really not at all.

Soooo.... near the end of term two (early March?) a few things changed - including the boy situation, which flat out got decided FOR me - I decided that I need to pick up a new activity.

Ah, but what to choose? Helping with Alpha at church again? Italian classes? Funk dance? An intro to acting class? Photography? What to pick? What to pick?

I got it all narrowed down to two, but still couldn't choose, so I picked 'em both! AAAHHH!!! I'm really excited about it (but I hope that this doesn't swing the pendulum back into the crazy zone again!).

As of this week, I am now enrolled in something I never thought I would do - funk dance - and one I've always wanted to - photography. And of course, swing continues, too. It feels pretty good. I love doing new things, and I get a chance to do something with my body (wow, is that funk class a WORKOUT!) and with my mind, both of which are rather creative. Whodathunkit?

All I have to say is, BRING IT!


Anne said...

Sounds fabulous!! I am so jealous of all your activities!! Can't wait to see some photos and you in action!

sarah cool said...

Oooooooooh......... yes, take photos, I am excited.

Hillary, you are willing to go to extremes to get good photos!

Personal Example: climbing on the railings by THE BEAN at Millenium Park and taking our picture!!

hillary said...

hee hee... yep, anything for a good photo! You should have seen the body contortions I did while I was in Europe to get some good shots!

(my name is a link to the photo Sarah is taling about, click away!)

Queen Bee said...

Had to click on the link...what great pics! Was that pizza? Oh my gosh, wow! I love cheeeeeese.

Rachelle said...

That's awesome Hillary! I know you'll have fun - you always do! Just promise me you won't let yourself get too overloaded? I want to see you alive this summer!