Saturday, April 07, 2007

How NOT to ask a girl out

He’s already asked me a few times to go out for drinks with him. I’ve been busy with report cards, so haven’t been able to go. This was the latest:

I.: whats happening with you tonight?
Hillary: heading to a friend's place for dinner
I.: and later tonight?
Hillary: not sure, I imagine it'll be the whole evening at my friend’s place
I.: well i'm heading out to an irish club/pub in cloverdale [a suburb about 45 mins away]
I.: u interested in going after? u can bring ur girl too
Hillary: ?
Hillary: oh, the friend... it's about 10 people, my friend Lloyd is cooking an easter dinner for a big gang of people
I.: oh wow
I.: ur not going to leave early then

Hillary: no, heading out to cloverdale probably won't work
I.: ur not wanting to come out with me?
Hillary: what?
I.: u should come out tonight is what i'm saying
Hillary: no, I think this'll be the whole evening, and I don't want to head all the way out to cloverdale later on in the evening.
Hillary: simple answer: sorry, but I already have plans
Hillary: there, that was way less complicated! :P

I.: or way less fun
I.: one or the other
I.: :(

Hillary: you sayin' my friends are boring?!? :-O
I.: naah
I.: i'm saying u should come out to enjoy my company
I.: that's all

OK... #1 – it’s over MSN. You at least CALL a girl if you want to take her on a date. Duh.
#2 – he’s asking just a few hours from when he wants to go out. Nuh-uh. You want a date? You give me notice. Read the Rules.
#3 – he tells me my plans are going to be less fun than heading out with him. Um, HELLO??
#4 – apparently his company is so desirsble that I really should cancel my plans and be amazed by his stellar charm. Not, “I’d really like to get to know you better.” Not “I’m looking forward to spending some time with you.” But “u should come out to enjoy my company.”

Yeah, I don’t think so, buddy.



Anne said...

That's so bad! HA!! Boys... :) I'll bet you got a good chuckle out of this one!

Queen Bee said...

For real? You're not making this one up, are you? My oh my oh my.

sarah cool said...

Hahahahaha.... personally if someone uses "ur" and "y r u" type of writing... i'm out of there. Hehehe!! Too funny!!

nachtwache said...

Anything but the pub for a first date, and yes, more notice. Did he ask different the other times, or the same as this? I'd expect a teenager to say stuff like that. Maybe I'm getting too old and men in their 20s talk that way. Makes for a good post. Happy Easter!

Jenn said...

oh yeah, nice try... :P

I, too, just *adore* all the "ur"s. Is "you are" really so painfully difficult?

good luck :)

Canadi-Ann said...

I've noticed that the turn off for me is when the 'ask' is all about him [how amazing he is, or how jealous he was when i was seeing someone else] and not how he thinks I'm amazing & wants to get to know me better.

common mistake I guess, that the guy has to impress you by forcing his qualities on you.

too bad, so sad - do not pass go, do not collect $200!

Wendy said...

Something tells me he doesn't quite get it. :)

Jean said...

While reading I couldn't figure out what "ur" was. Like Ur they talk about in Veggie Tales? Then it cliked! He meant "you are"!