Thursday, April 26, 2007

Funky CLICK!

Yeah, that title sucked. So sue me.

I can't believe I haven't talked about my two new classes yet! I think I mentioned I was taking them, but I'm three weeks in already! Yikers!

First of all, my west coast swing obsession has spilled over into a new area, and I signed up for a new funk dance class offered by the same studio. Funk is basically a mix between hip hop and street jazz - veeeery different than West Coast Swing, for sure. And what a workout! Each week we learn a new routine, which is usually fine, but those suckers get LONG and apparently I have some kind of memory issue and either the latter part of the routine just doesn't stick with everything that's in my head already, or the beginning gets blasted out of my brain as new moves come along. I apparently have about a 16-24 beat memory. Kinda too bad when the routines are 32. It makes for not-so-funky me. But still totally fun. Hopefully by the end oft he class I'll have a modicum of the funk attitude. Right now I'm just awkward white girl.

OH! And I ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY PERCENT made a totally and complete FOOL of myself in front of my kids last week. I was intro-ing our dance unit - I'm passing my obsession on! - and so I told them that I'd show them a bit of the routine I had learned in my last funk lesson. I TOLD them that I was just learning this dance, and that I wasn't very good, and that I'd probably have to stop in the middle to remember what came next. Buuuut, for some reason I still thought it would be a good idea to show them. So I did the first 8 beats or so, which included a lot of jumping down and up and a body wave and shoulder jabs and all kinds of things. Two beats into it they were laughing. Cracking up. IN HYSTERICS. They couldn't stop laughing. Which made me laugh. And feel a wee tad stupid. But is WAS pretty funny. But seriously. They couldn't. stop. laughing, even long after I ceased humiliating myself in front of 27 11-year-olds.

Until I reminded them that, "Hey, this is what YOU are going to be doing!" That shut 'em up pretty quick. Muah ha haaa! It was pretty amusing!

Then there's my intro to photography class. I have borrowed a friend's SLR camera and I have been really wanting to learn to actually USE it, so I signed up for a class. I have it tonight, so as I need to leave for work now and I'm sure I'll have better fodder for continuing this post after I get home, I'm gonna stop now.

Stay tuned....

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Queen Bee said...

Glad you're enjoying your funky white girl class, Hillary ;)

Hey, I left a comment to your comment on my blog...basically I asked if you're busy on Tuesday night - we'll be having dinner somewhere if you would like to join us!