Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tanning in the Iowan Sun (now with translations, see bottom!)

Before I left, I told my students that I was going to be going to Iowa to visit my very best friend in the whole wide world a waaay down in Iowa. One student piped up with giddy enthusiasm, "OH, Ms Hillary, you're gonna come back soooo dark, trust me!"

Right-o kiddo.

The sun has been out (except for a crazy wind and hail storm that, combined with me being half asleep, reading a book based on the Wizard of Oz, and having crazy dreams, had me convinced I would have to go running for the basement to escape the imminent tornado), but not so much for tanning.

Instead, I've been learning to decipher two-year old speak and helping change explod-o diapers.
Let me give an example (of two-year-old speak, not exploding diapers. This ain't a mommy blog yet! ;) ). See how you do in deciphering them.

"dubuh-ded cackah"
"paypah dah"
"bibud wed dahg"

Mattias has a spray bottle that he likes to go around spritzing everything with. Apparently he likes spritzing himslef in the face, too!

And Keiran is just like a little elf! A cutsie wootsie cuddle pie if ever there was one.

Mattias is extremely fortunate to have such talented entertainers at his every whim. Just look at that chicken dance! We are sooooo HAWT!

A good time is being had by all....
"dubuh-ded cackah" = Farmer Jed's Tractor
"paypah dah" = Paper draw
"bibud wed dahg" = Clifford Red Dog

and I forgot one... "buh-guk sooz"= firetruck shoes (his runners have fire trucks that light up on them). He says lots of other words, too, but these are the fun ones! And he loooooves 'cakahs' and 'buh-guks,' so we hear those a lot! :-)


Anne said...

I'm gonna go with:
1. something...cracker
2. paper doll
3. something wet dog

yeah...that's my gues...and isn't that SUCH a good book!!?! Jean's been reading it too!

nachtwache said...

Anne's brave, I don't dare guess. I was looking for a translation Hillary, or did you hope someone in bloggerland could help you?
Cute tykes!

Katrina said...

I'm going to guess:

1) animal cracker
2) paper doll
3) Clifford the Big Red Dog

Thanks for sharing the photos--how cute! Glad you're having fun in the tanning capital of the world...lol!

Jean said...

I'd have to go with Anne on all answers.

Yes...I've had strange dreams of green people biting off my fingers (from the first couple chapters). Not so weird of dreams now and I'm over half way through!! Very good book. :) And it'll help not having to ask a thousand questions as to what is going on during the production. :)
Have a fabulouso rest of your days there!

Hillary said...

Ooh, your guesses are fun! I'll let a few more guess before I give away the translations :) I have a few more, too, but they're all the way downstairs, and, well, I'm lazy right now. heh. I will tellyou that one of you got one of them right.

And yes, Anne and Jean, I'm totally enjoying Wicked ("The life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West.") I'm about a quarter of the way through - I just took it our of the library on my friend's card yesterday. If I'm even going to have a chance of finishing it, I'm going to have to buy it when we go up to Iowa City tomorrow! Can we say,yippee for a 4.5 hour train ride back to Chicago? That's my reading time, baby!

Queen Bee said...

Double dip cracker, paper there & Clifford the Big Red Dog...it would help if I could see him, the visual clues make it easier to decipher ;)

Cute cute cute!!

Rachelle said...

This is the Mommy of those boys... those of you who guessed that the first one meant something cracker -you're not too far off! cackah also means cracker, it's all about context.