Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm half cracked, as you can see

You know something's gotta give when your over-enthusiasm for an elementary school pyjama day - my pj pants, t-shirt, fuzzy pink slippers, and cozy cozy bathrobe are packed and ready to take to school - is sooo much not about doing it 'for the kids' but more about the fact that this may very well be the only way I'll get through today!

Bring on the snugglies!


Abbey said...

Oh How I miss those days!! I always loved when Spirit Week would roll around and I could wear pjs one day and jeans and tshirts another. Ahhh...So Nice!

Though, I'm learning now that my new job is SUPER laid back about clothing. In fact, one of my coworkers told me that the campus has "clothing free" option. Huh. I really, really hope she was kidding. :)

sarah cool said...


I revel in breaking the dress code. Of course, its usually for company approved days (UC/XU Shootout and Halloween, etc) but I. LOVE. IT.

No heels! No skirts! No dress pants!

Just cozy pants, comfortable shoes, and soft shirts!

Jean said...

how fun!!!
happy vacation!!!! :)

Rainypete said...

I'm so jealous right now. I should check the safety catalogue to see if they make protective jammies. I'd wear them to work every day!

I'm sure they don't but I can't wait for my supplier to drop by and ask the question I never have an answer for "Is there anything you are looking for that we haven't been able to provide yet?".....Oh yeah!

Hillary said...

Snuggly... yet bulletbroof! It's a good concept, someone should really get on that!

nachtwache said...

Enjoy your holidays! I hope you'll feel refreshed when you come back. How was pyjama day? Hot cocoa and bedtime stories?
By the way, comment moderation must have dislexia, it keeps making me write the letters 2-3 times.