Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mum Blog Post Photo

Click the photo to get your own flower.
Happy first day of spring!


Rainypete said...

Happy first day of spring to you too. Although at -2C it isn't feeling too spring like round here.

Wendy said...

Now I really wish I'd taken a picture of Korey's favourite Irish tree in spring. Large white, with hints of pink, blooms facing the heavens. He really does pick the nice ones.

sarah cool said...

YEAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!! CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!! TOMORORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I bet people are tired of this topic. Hehehehe.

Hillary said...

The sun'llcome out, tomoprrow! Bet yer bottom dollar that tomorrooow, there'll be suuuun...

even if it IS raining, it will still be a sunny day! WOOHOO!

Of course, that all depends on if I actually ever GET there. Last night my train was 3 hours behind. This morning it was 4.5. I just checked, and now it's 5 hours behind. Go Amtrak for quick, efficeint rail service. Ho-lee. Eurorail this ain't!

I'll be there by tomorrow though!

YYYEEEAAAAHHHH!!!! Chicago won't konw what hit it!

And yes, people are probably laughing at us by now. Oh well.

They'll have to deal with certain bloggage about it afterwards, too! hehe.