Thursday, March 22, 2007


RIGHT! I have homework! Good thing my train is now five and a half hours late, I have some extra time. Grrr....

Before meeting up with my three awesome blog friends in Chicago IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS!!!!! we all said that we should post our impressions of one another on our blogs. Yikes. Have it down in writing? Hmm..... oh man, I am SO bad at this kind of thing. OK. Here goes.

Jean - I know her the least, but in my emails back and forth with her and from reading her blog, I would say that she is a really compassionate and empathetic woman. She has a heart to serve others, and has a great sense of adventure (Jean, didn't you do that crazy bike + more race last summer, was it? I was sooo impressed!). Her love for her family comes through loud and clear - they're lucky to have her!

Anne - she's creative, and also an extremely kind and compassionate person. She's got all kinds of great stories - ask her about her froggie friends! - and has a fun sense of humour. She likes to read - her booklist for this year is unbelievable! - but also likes to get out and enjoy the outdoors. She also has a killer sunhat. I'm betting that her and her hubby have some pretty silly times together.

Sarah - probably the most enthusiastic person I have ever... uh... not met. Yet. Her colleagues at work must be worried about her for all the times she falls out of her chair from laughing so hard. ;-) She has a hugely sensitive heart, and is quick to lavish love on other people, whether her friends, her family, her little sister, or even total internet strangers... like me! She's a true girly girl, and I love it! She inspires me, in more ways than one.

Actually, all these ladies inspire me. It's amazing how much I've learned from them and how their encouragement and grace has blessed me. The fact that we are all Christians gives us all something in common and like Anne said, I'm looking forward to getting to know these ladies more in the next two days than I have in the last year and a bit from reading their blogs.



sarah cool said...

Hillary, you are the bestest. I am so excited!!

I laughed... you made me notice how many times I say, "I FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR LAUGHING." Hehehehehe. I literally do sometimes.

dude, i keep failing the word verification test!

Jean said...

Ok...all three of you have done the impressions post....I need to get my behind in gear!!!!

YAAAAAAYYY is right!!! :)

anne said...

May I add a, "Yipppeeee!!"

sarah cool said...

We are so funny. I love it.

Queen Bee said...

Off to read everyone else's impressions...then we get to read what you all thought after you spend two days together, right?

Wendy said...

Here's hoping you have a great time and that these two days are all that you expect and more.

PelaLusa said...

Wayyyyy too much estrogen floating around on this posting but I did want to check in on you, Hillary, to ensure that all is okay.

By the way, my Chicago friend, Kristi, is amazed that you teach children. Why? She thinks the recent photos of you make you look 14 or so!!