Thursday, March 08, 2007

Oh the goodness of it all

I was in grade 5 when the scandal broke. I was devestated. Gotta blame it on somethin'...

And multiculoured vests with no shirt? Oh the hotness!!!

Oh, and how 'bout this, while I'm at it? It's old skool musical goodness. The special effects blow my MIND.

This song will forever be related in my mind to driving along the winding highway through the rockies on a greyhound bus - one in a convoy of five - full of high school students on their way home from a youth conference in Regina. We played bus bowling, had crazy relays, racing back and forth along the length of the bus, diving over and under the seats (safe, eh?), and played the dating game over the bus's radios. I was bachelorette #2, and I got picked! I'm positive that it was because, when asked what kind of kitchen appliance I'd be, I said I'd be a pepper grinder cause I'm spic-ay! That was most definitely THE coolest answer ever. Heh.

The youth leaders set up a 'date' at the McDonalds in Moose Jaw, complete with a boquet of flowers made from multiple straws in a Mickey-D's cup and shredded napkins for petals. It was lovely, and especially romantic when my date posed for our photo together with chewed up cheeseburger in his opened-wide mouth. Wonder why that relationship never worked out???

But the song. Oh, the song. We were obsessed with it for some reason the whole way home. I doubt we listened to it less than 100 times. We had the best bus driver EVER, cause every time the "BAUM! BAUM!" came on, he'd blast that ol' bus horn in sync with the music. Booyeah.


Rachelle said...

I have one word: WOW! Okay, I have more words than that, but wow. I totally remember that trip and the song! And the date with the "flowers" and all. We were so cool. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Hillary said...

hehehe!!! And of course, there was West Ed Mall, your sprout shirt, "Come on Eileen," and, who could forget, ROLLO THE RUSSIAN NATE!!!!

Yes, we were cool indeed. Still are, if you ask me!

I can't WAIT to see you!!! *counting on fingers...* 8 days!!!


Queen Bee said...

Uhhh, what vests? I must have missed that but I don't think I could watch the video over again *shudder* You know, I think the back up singers really sang their own parts ;)

As for the other video, doesn't mean as much to me as you, probably because I'm so stinkin' old. Come On Eileen - now that's a song!

Jenn said...

aaah - I'm having flashbacks!! Tainted Love *still* rocks!

Now, Come On Eileen? That will always rock :)

My highschool days were filled with a little more U2, some AC/DC and banging on the wall to stop my sister's NKOTB and Poison... ugh.

Abbey said...


You and I grew up during the same time...oh the MEMORIES that I have with those songs, too!! Though, I had never seen the Tainted Love Video before! SO AWESOMELY BAD!!

Thanks! YOu just made my night ROCKIN'!!

sarah cool said...

Do you guys remember the Levi's commercial.... probably 12 or 13 years ago - it was a guy who was being wheeled into an ER, and he was all dying or something, and all of a sudden all of the doctors and nurses started singing, "Tainted Love" and he sat up and sang along???

Yeah. Random!

AfricaBleu said...

Blame it on the rain, Hillary. It was, after all, fallin', fallin'.