Sunday, January 15, 2006


That's the sound my new Honda Civic makes!


Ahem. Sorry. I'm a bit excited.

I just bought a white 95 Civic LX sedan. It's in beautiful shape, and I drove it off the lot with only 94,139 kms on it (58,945 miles), which is less than half of what an average car would have on it by now. It's all tuned up, just had the brakes done, AirCared till Christmas 2007, and is set to go.

I went to the dealership today fully intending to walk away from this car. My mechanic cheked it over of Friday and told me it needed some work: brakes, tires, a tune up, and a timing belt in another three months or so. The salesman was asking a lot, and even though it's got really low kilometers, it's still an eleven year old car and doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles. It's got air conditioning, but manual windows, locks, etc. I didn't think he was going to go down too much on his price.

My dad and I offered $1500 below what he was asking for it, because of this and that that needed fixing, etc. But then he then told us that he had the brakes fixed and the oil changed yesterday, and showed us the tires again, which weren't nearly as bad as my mechanic made them out to be. The back ones will need replacing in a few months, but that's not too expensive to do. I'll still have to do the timing belt in a few months. BUT, he gave us his bottom line, which was WAY lower than I thought it would be. Plus, because he had just gotten the car, he hadn't transferred it to his company yet. It was just in his name, so I saved half the tax (no GST) and the documentation fees. That alone saved me $625. His bottom line was $1000 less than he was asking, so after some deliberating with my dad (dads are great!) I decided to take it.

I still wasn't going to drive out of there right then and there, because I'd need a certified cheque from the bank to pay and would have to go buy insurance, and it was 4pm on a Sunday. Not gonna happen.

BUT (lotta buts in this story, aren't there?), he told me he'd take a regular cheque, so off we went back to my house from Hastings and Commercial (about a 20 min drive) to get my chequebook, paid him, then started running around looking for an insurance place that was open at 5 pm on a Sunday. We drove into North Van to the Superstore (another 20 min drive each way) and voila! I had insurance. Off we went, back the the dealership, and I drove off the lot at 5:30 this evening!

Holy shamoley, I have a car!!! And it WORKS! In contrast to the Beastmobile, I'm toying with naming it Beauty. Might be kinda cheesy though. I'll post pictures tomorrow and maybe have a "name my new car" contest. Hmmm...... I like that plan. Start thinking! I'll officially announce the contest later this week.


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happyandblue2 said...

Woohoo for the new car. And for you of course.
Oh and for your Dad..

Davey Jones said...

hey thats cool... i like honda civics... i'm still waiting for pictures of your new rearranged desk???!??