Friday, February 17, 2006

A Contest! A Contest!

With prizes and EVERYTHING!

I've had my new car for a month, and - SCANDALOUS! - I still haven't named it. I said a while back that I was going to have a contest on my blog to come up with a great name for my new ride. So now's your chance to get creative!

Get aquainted with my old beastmobile first, then read about my new car. OR if you've always had this burning desire to name a car BabaGanouche or some such ridiculousness, just pick a name based on the picture and run with it! Just leave a comment with your suggestion (and perhaps an explanation of WHY you want to name my car that) below. You've got till midnight Tuesday. Check back on Wednesday to see who the weiner... erm, the winner is.

There are prizes, folks, PRIZES!

9 comments: said...

oh no not another female that insists on giving a persona to a hunk of metal :)

Ok here is my suggestion; call it "Crystal" I dunno why it just looks like one.

Hillary said...

Alrighty... it was 3 of my GUY friends who insisted that I name it. Just have fun with the contest and let's not make it about gender... mmmkay? Good. Thanks for the first entry!

Useless Man said...

GUY friends? They are clearly not MEN. Men do not name their cars. And if they do, it's just girl. Like, "You can make through the winter girl."

"come on girl, just another mile to the gas station... "

That sort of thing.

I submit Beatrice. I know a piano named Beatrice, and I think she wishes she were a car. A nice white 4 cylinder car...

happyandblue2 said...

How about the Love Machine. Of course you may have to change your lifestyle to make this one make sense..

Davey Jones said...

honda potter
or volvo baggins.

this first is more apt.
the second is much finnier :)

Anonymous said...

I like "Remington Steel" Good solid name for a good solid car.


cjoy said...

Oscar, as in Meyer Weiner. :)

Tige said...

The Marshmellow Machine.

Cathy said...

"Oz Mobile"
Or "Ozzie"

Every time you drive you will think of me. 8-)